Tuesday, 18 December 2012

101 Clyde Singleton Picks Graphic Tee.

Ok, finally back into it - some things just can't be rushed - especially for a slacker like me. So here is the latest offering to those who still appreciate the finer things in life, namely that fine skateboard company - 101 and skater Clyde Singleton.

This is one of Clyde's 101 graphics from 1995/96 - based on the Digable Planets - Blowout Comb Album art. There were two colour ways for the deck (I believe), I went with the green & purple - thought it would be better on the tee.  I'll be printing up the tees and stickers after I get some feedback from you out there - tees as usual made from 100% combed cotton - only in Large and X Large (other sizes on order) only in Heather Grey colour (it works best on that colour).
Hope you like it.

Front print
Back print (small below the neck line)
original deck


Switcharoo said...

That's a killer graphic - I had one of those decks.

Anonymous said...

Patiently waiting for these to drop....dope shit!!...