Monday, 1 November 2010

Iannucci 101 & Sanchez Profile - Round two.

I've got more tees back in my hands for those who missed out on the first round. Just check below for all tee info - still working on more 101/Blind & Menace tees. Cheers.
Random pic - because it's Wu-Welsh day today.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Remember Mr. Sam Devlin? Classic World.

Could of gone far, but ended up on the dirty end of the street. Should have been on 101 for sure.
How good were those frontside bluntslides - break out your Trilogy & 20 Shot Sequence.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Iannucci 101 & Sanchez Profile - Finally here!

Finally here after a long delay, Iannucci Islanders 101 tee & Henry Sanchez Profile tee have landed back in my hands from my printer. The mythical and legendary 101 Iannucci Islanders graphic, check out Mouse extras or Trilogy - you'll see it. Sanchez Profile, well you just gotta respect Sanch.
All tees are made from pre -shrunk, 20s combed 100% cotton - it's high quality cotton ( I wouldn't wear less). Both are printed with high quality ink, silk screened, so the quality will last - no corners were cut on these reproductions - project of passion so to say.

Iannucci 101 is $15 - Grey only
Sanchez Profile is $10 - Black only
International shipping.
(Shipping not inc.). Please e-mail me with your order, size, quantity and full address so I can calculate the shipping - Yeah shipping from Indonesia BTW, I only use the secure mail ( which is cheaper than the normal mail here???) - I always try to get the cheapest postage price.
If you got a special sizing request - just let me know.
Payment via Paypal only - sorry guys.
Thanks for checking it out, huge shout out to Eric at Chromeball - Thanks bro.

Below is the tee sizing
X-LARGE 76cm

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Delays, Delays , Delays!!!

Sorry guys for the huge wait on these Iannucci & Sanchez tees - issues with national holidays here and headaches from the printers. So this week I will have the tees in my hand, back fresh from being printed and ready to ship. All those who ordered - I'll hit you up the invoice vis Paypal asap. Again, sorry for the delay.
Billy Valdes pic - just because.

Friday, 30 July 2010

World Tour 94 Tee. - Bongs, Brews, Bitches...oh yeah skateboarding too!

Another tee which was rocked for the longest time, I remember having one of these when the World Tour came through with Reem, McKay, Iannucci, Milton(rip), Sanchez, Bertino, Suriel etc. Check the photo from 94.
Stoked on this World tee (when World really did rule).
Yep, coming soon - just like Menace.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Guns guns guns.

Just because it's cool - Guy, Keenan and Kareem in LA, 1997 (Lance Dawes photo)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sanchez & Iannucci now here for orders.

Ok it's been a little while - had some crazy stuff to sort out after my holiday. So we're back in full swing & now taking the orders for the tees (those who already sent their order via e-mail - I've still got ya info) just let me know what size you want. The Sanchez profile tee will be in Black only (the most popular vote), sorry to those who wanted the Dark Royal Blue (but the print on Black looks dope). Now on to a bit of a legendary folklore board graphic for a truly talented skater - The Iannucci Islanders tee (101) will be on any of the three following colours - your choice. I had to make this tee - it's been a sort of quest - ever since losing the original in some haze of skating back in the day.

So it'll be down to the most popular again - but if there's enough interest, I'll do all three colours in all sizes. So spread the news round. Another tee that will remain a little mystery until I print it up will be here soon - tribute to one of Lockwood's finest (maybe).
Oh yeah, you have to part with some cash - each tee is about $10 - $12 (not inc. your postage) so that's the deal.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sanchez profile tee - update.

All Sanchez tees will be made in Black or Dark Royal Blue (as the original samples image shows) 100% cotton, pre-shrunk etc etc. I'm taking votes on the colour - all the artwork is done and ready to go. So is it Black or Blue - you tell me guys.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Sanchez Profile tee.

Here's a small sample of the Sanch Profile tee - coming very very soon.
******** Just to let you know that I'll be ready to move these upon return from holiday - if you have any special sizing requests, please let me know & I'll sort it out for the production run. Cheers all.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Henry Sanchez Sleeping Mexican Tee.

I decided awhile back to make up this tee for myself, just because I've always liked the graphic -thanks to Cliver for that. I've had a fair few requests to print them up. I've been pretty busy with other things - so the Iannucci and other tees were on hold - this week I'm getting my samples done though. Anyway, if you want one of these tees, put an order in before the 30th April and I'll hook you up (yes you have to part with some cash). It's $8 for the tee, plus your postage. So if ya want one, let me know.
Size L & XL only
100% Combed Cotton 30s (not shit quality stuff)
Black or Grey.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Henry Sanchez Profile tees will also be here in a couple of weeks - the only tee which was released by Profile for the man.
note - that's not the tee image above.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Not gone - still here. Working hard to get things up and running

Working hard to get things up and running, this is pretty much a one man show at the moment. So, my time has been taken up with sorting out the new Five-O threads range and samples, which we'll be getting into production asap. The whole point is to produce a range of quality skate clothing - well made skate specific garms without an inflated price tag (we're trying) - so if ya rock FTC/HUF/Matix/Supreme/FourStar etc you'll be stoked on our stuff too.
With reagrds to the re-issue OG Star Menace tees - we're all out, thanks to those who are rockin fresh Menace tees, appreciate the support. So we've decided to make another one-off tee - the 101 Iannucci Islanders tee will be here very soon. Keep ya posted.
p.s. Yes it's a random image - but hell it's J.Wray - thanks to Chromeball.