Friday, 10 July 2009

Menace tees - limited run.

For all those who rocked the O.G. Menace star tees back in the day, well I've resurrected them for you to rock again.

Yes, it’s a re-print, but before you turn away check out the quality and my hard work. All tees are on pre-shrunk 20s combed cotton (premium quality cotton), all handmade in Bali, Indonesia (definitely sweatshop free - it's our factory!). All tees are printed to the exact same spec as the original Menace tees, meaning the print quality, size and positioning is all correct.

There are two sizes available – L or XL in Suriel Black, Pupecki Grey, Valdes Khaki Green, Alomar White. Sizing is the same as an FTC t-shirts.

Here’s the deal – I’ve made only 40 (20 L/20 XL) of these, there are five of each color in each size. So really its first come first served, this is a limited run. If there’s enough interest then I’ll do more, but there are other tees in the pipe line. Five-o threads will be making our own quality skate rags which are for skaters who like a bit of baggy style - coming soon (hopefully).

The cost is $10 not inc. shipping (I have to ship from Bali - it's where I live now). Payment by paypal only - for your piece of mind and mine.

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