Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sanchez & Iannucci now here for orders.

Ok it's been a little while - had some crazy stuff to sort out after my holiday. So we're back in full swing & now taking the orders for the tees (those who already sent their order via e-mail - I've still got ya info) just let me know what size you want. The Sanchez profile tee will be in Black only (the most popular vote), sorry to those who wanted the Dark Royal Blue (but the print on Black looks dope). Now on to a bit of a legendary folklore board graphic for a truly talented skater - The Iannucci Islanders tee (101) will be on any of the three following colours - your choice. I had to make this tee - it's been a sort of quest - ever since losing the original in some haze of skating back in the day.

So it'll be down to the most popular again - but if there's enough interest, I'll do all three colours in all sizes. So spread the news round. Another tee that will remain a little mystery until I print it up will be here soon - tribute to one of Lockwood's finest (maybe).
Oh yeah, you have to part with some cash - each tee is about $10 - $12 (not inc. your postage) so that's the deal.


chops said...

abu muda all the way.

so hyped on this.

Cheaps said...

Cheers Chops.

Tam said...

I'd be down to rock the Benhur! Would you ship to Canada? I'm just a little North of ya in Toronto!

K said...

aiyo how can i get one! you got any in small? the grey joint!