Friday, 19 June 2009

Coming soon to slay the devils of the bandwagon.

Coming soon, clothing for skaters who appreciated the bagginess of 90's. Let's put it this way - Rob Welsh etc would rock it (I'm sure). The whole point of Five-o threads is to produce handmade top quality skate/chillin' specific clothing - We're trying to make clothing that will last and be worth spending ya duckets on. Made by skaters for skaters - that simple! I'm sure they'll be haters out there, but the more support we get, the better. All will be revealed soon enough.
Got to say a big thanks and lots of support to, for giving inspiration on a daily skate basis. I had to use the Gino pic, simply because he's been a long time fav with a sick ass smooth style.
Peace Cheapster.

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